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The billiards lamp in Outpost 31's rec room from John Carpenter's The Thing (1982).

This was a really fun, yet...tricky challenge because there were no production photos of this item. Nor did there seem to be any replicas in existence. This may have been a unique item for the movie for all I know. So all the reference I could gather had to come from the HD version of the film. The "Billiards" side in particular was a major concern, but thankfully there was at least 1 shot in the movie where the design could be in full view. As for dimensions, I managed to find a billiards lamp sold online that looked similar and the seller included dimensions in the posting.

I also reached out to FB groups of fans of the film and stained glass enthusiasts for their input and expertise. I wanna thank everyone from those groups for their help and encouragement <3

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