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Return of Aetheria: Rise of Nether (2015)

Overview: The third and final installment of the RoA series. RoA: RoN is an alternative reality game where players take part in all mediums of gameplay in order to compete against eachother for prizes and to progress through story elements.


Platform: Convention game

Tools: Word, Excel, Paper Prototyping
Duration: <6 months
Team Size: 30+
Role: Game Designer


Duties: Generate obsticles, quests, objectives for players to complete that are meaningful and fit appropriately to the game. I also help the design lead organize the narrative from RoA 1 with RoA 2 & 3.

Big World (2014)

Overview: Big World is a social game where players compete for resources in a tactical war setting.


Platform: Web

Tools: Maya, Illustrator

Duration: < 6 months

Team Size: 7

Role: Artist


Duties: For this project, I was brought on for my artistic abilities. With myself and two other artists, I determined the visual direction the game would follow - modern warfare - and I created all player and enemy troop units.

Return of Aetheria (2013)

Overview: Return of Aetheria is an alternative reality game where players search for clues, solve puzzles, play games, etc in order to recover rune codes to earn points and win prizes.

Platform: Gencon 2013
Tools: Word, Maya, Excel, Paperprototyping, Flash, Actionscript
Duration: <6 months
Team Size: 30>

Role: Game Designer/Story Writer
Duties: As one of three game designers, I focused on working with game director to develop the narrative players would be introduced to as well as construct game mechaincs and quests.

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