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A small, single-level game I built in Unreal 4 - Sanctuary is 3rd person adventure game I began working on in the spring of 2015. The focus of this project was less about game design or gameplay, and more focused on my ability to model, texture, rig a playable character (Pavani), and overall create game-ready assets. As well as become easily familiar with and adapt to a game engine such as Unreal 4.

Although there were plans to create a fully fleshed out game with a story, an item system, enemies, stealth, etc., I needed to cut the scope down. Only enough for what I thought was necessary to accomplish my goal of creating game assets in a timely manner.

The concept of Sanctuary actually began as a student group project in college in 2011. I started as a concept artist and later worked on level design/game design - contributing a lot to the map layout of the building itself and game flow. But due to scope, academic obligations, lack of available time the group could commit to the project, the team ended up shelving the game and we focused our efforts elsewhere. But, I fell in love with the concept of the game so much that I wanted to continue working on it. And with permission from the group, and members of the project at the time, I (figuratively) pulled the game plans back off the shelf and made it my own - restarting from the ground up.

DISCLAIMER: Grass blades, trees, and mountains in the background are assets obtained through Unreal's Marketplace provided by Defuse Studios, Octopus X, and Trevor Green. All other assets were designed, modeled, and textured by me (Frank Moussette).

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